Cedar Design System

# About Cedar

Cedar is REI’s open-source Design System for digital products and experiences. Cedar includes the resources to create user interfaces consistent with REI’s experience principles, brand styles, and best practices.

As a foundation for digital product development, the Cedar Design System provides a set of reusable components, style variables, design assets, and guidance for teams to efficiently build high-quality and accessible user interfaces.

Cedar is maintained by a core team of designers, developers, and writers that are dedicated to developing and supporting the system. Cedar welcomes collaboration with the REI digital community to help evolve the system to suit changing product needs.

# Open Source

While Cedar is primarily focused on serving teams building experiences for REI, the system is also available as an open source project in GitHub and NPM.

Fonts used in the Cedar Design System are licensed and proprietary to REI, and are not for usage by unapproved parties.

For more information or questions regarding Cedar’s support for external consumers using the open source project, please reach out to cedar@rei.com.

# Intake

# Contributions

Cedar welcomes and encourages contributions from the digital community at REI. If you are interested in contributing design or code, please visit the Contributing to Cedar page for more information.

# Request a Component

All new requests for components will be evaluated, beginning with a discovery process that includes an audit of visual patterns. Factors such as reusability across the product ecosystem (ideally can be used by 3-5 teams), investment and maturity of the product, and team bandwidth are also taken into account.

New feature and enhancement requests can be submitted on #cedar-user-support (opens new window) or during our weekly office hours.

# Report an Issue

The Cedar team is committed to maintaining consistent, high-quality components. If you encounter any defects in the Figma UI Toolkit, Vue code, or on the documentation site, please submit them to #cedar-user-support (opens new window) or come and talk to us during our weekly office hours.

The team will address the bug as soon as possible, depending on the severity of the issue and the sprint capacity. Please include as much relevant information as possible when submitting a bug report, including steps to reproduce, urgency, and impact to help prioritize the task.

If you have a fix for the bug and would like to submit a PR for it, please reach out in Slack at #cedar-user-support (opens new window) or visit the Contributing to Cedar page to learn more about contribution opportunities.

# Communications

The Cedar team is in Slack, which is the best way to learn about new releases and find support. Some relevant Slack channels are:

For those outside of the REI network, feel free to email cedar@rei.com with any questions or topics.