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Spring 2022 Release

This is the final planned major release for Vue 2 before Cedar's migration to Vue 3
In our next release, we will complete the transition by migrating our component library to Vue 3. Please note: This will be the only Vue 2 release we are supporting post-migration.

# Update Steps

package name version
@rei/cedar ^12.x.x
@rei/cdr-tokens ^10.x.x
@rei/cdr-component-variables ^8.x.x
  • If your project depends on any shared component packages (i.e, FEDPACK, FEDCOMP, FEDPAGES), you will want to update those packages to the new version of Cedar before updating your micro-site.

# 12.1.0

See what's changed on GitHub

# Performance improvements

# Font swapping

We've added the font-display: swap property to our REI brand font defintions. This property allows the browser to subsitute the fallback font until the brand fonts are successfully loaded, which serves to prevent a flash of invisible text on slower connections.

# Accessibility fixes

# CdrRating

CdrRating is updated to improve the contrast ratio between the filled and non-filled state of the rating stars. The component now meets the WCAG 2.1 success criterion for non-text contrast.


100 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars

# New tokens

# Switch

We've added new tokens to support the upcoming CdrSwitch component, which will be released with Cedar's Vue 3 version.

# Bug Fixes

# CdrPopover

  • Addressed an issue where the component would emit its open event twice in certain circumstances.
  • Addressed an accessibility issue where focus wasn’t being correctly assigned when multiple popovers were in use.

# Deprecations

# Vue 2

To prepare for our Vue 3 migration, we're deprecating the Vue 2 component library. We'll provide basic maintenance and bug fixes to support this final planned Vue 2 release for an additional 12 months. Once our Vue 3 library is released, we'll republish our Vue 2 library as @rei/cedar-vue-2. We recognize this is a major migration and will flex our plans as needed to provide the best support to our teams as we make the move to Vue 3.

# Breaking Changes

# Removals

# Scoped Slots

Scoped slots have been removed from CdrBreadcrumb and CdrPagination. See the CdrBreadcrumb or CdrPagination pages for examples of how to override their default navigation behavior.

# CdrBanner Component Variable

The CdrBanner component variable has been removed. Teams who are unable to utilize the Vue component should plan to use the messaging tokens to create their banners.

# Preparing for Vue 3

The following have been carried over from the Spring 2021 release. We will continue to note Vue 3 related deprecations so teams can adequately prepare for the upcoming migration.

# Vue 3: Update Slot Syntax

Vue 2.6 introduced a new v-slot syntax for passing slot content into components. A pound sign # can be used as a shorthand for v-slot:, much like a colon : can be used as a shorthand for v-bind. The old syntax is removed from Vue 3 and we recommend updating your codebase to make use of the new slot syntax to simplify the upgrade process in the future. Note that the new v-slot or # syntax can only be used on a template tag, however those additional template tags will not be included in the rendered HTML.

# Documentation Refresh

We've revised and reorganized our "Getting Started" and "About" sections to provide better overall support.

# "Getting Started" is now "Resources"

The new name better reflects the section's purpose, which is to provide ongoing support as well as system onboarding.

# "As a Designer" is now "For Designers"

Our resource guide for designers includes a Figma installation guide, tutorials, and extra resources.

# "As a Developer" is now "For Developers"

Our new resource guide for developers is aimed at new REI developers and veteran devs alike. This guide features links to the most frequently needed Cedar resources for developers, Vue resources, and helpful definitions of Cedar’s most frequently used parts. Installation info can now be found on the new "Installing Cedar" page.

# New "Frequently Asked Questions" Page

If you have a question about Cedar, this is a handy place to look for answers.

# Revised About Section

# New contact page, “Get in Touch”

To make it easier for people to find how to contact us, we created a new “Get in Touch” page. Content includes info on the best channels to reach the Cedar team, and how to use them.

# Updated “Cedar Design System” page

This page in the "About" section is now called "Cedar's Purpose & Parts." We've streamlined the content to focus on what Cedar is and what it's for. Content includes an intro to our purpose and philosophy, an overview of Cedar's parts, and ways to further explore Cedar and the doc site.