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Permits users to select from two opposing options

Switch is only available in the Vue 3 (v13+) Cedar release.
Upgrade to Vue 3 and Cedar v13 to access the switch component.

# Overview

Switch is a system-wide control that is used to quickly change between two possible states. This component is only used for binary actions that occur immediately after the user makes any changes.

# Default

Default switch with medium size and standard spacing.

# Full-width spacing

Displays at full-width of its container.

# Large

Size can be changed to large based on where the component is being used.

# Custom labels

A label with custom styling.

# Accessibility

To ensure that usage of this component complies with accessibility guidelines:

  • Always provide a descriptive label as a slotted element to the cdr-switch element
  • Always provide an id to the label of the switch

This component complies with WCAG guidelines by:

  • Referencing the id of the switch label by using the aria-label property
  • Setting the role of the switch button element to switch
  • Applying the aria-checked attribute

# Guidelines

# Use When

  • Displaying two options (yes or no; on or off)
  • Changing system-level settings, preferences, or other functions
  • The change needs to take immediate effect

# Don't Use When

# Choosing the right component

Switches, checkboxes, radio buttons, and toggle buttons are all similar types of selection controls, but are generally not interchangeable. If you're not sure which one to use for a certain scenario, here's a table that might help.

Radio Button Checkbox Single Checkbox Switch Toggle Button
Selections available At least two At least one Just one Only two (on or off) At least two (this or that)
Default option Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Choices Mutually exclusive Independent of each other Mutually exclusive Mutually exclusive Mutually exclusive
Takes effect After a user clicks a submit button After a user clicks a submit button After a user clicks a submit button Immediately Immediately

# Content

  • Keep labels short and direct
  • The label should describe what the control will do when the switch is on
  • Labels should describe the state of the system when the switch is on (when in doubt, say the label aloud and append “on/off” to the end)
  • Start labels with a capital letter and use sentence case
  • Labels should have one or two words, preferably nouns, that describe the functionality of the switch

# Do / Don't

Switch with label that says 'Email notifications'.
Do use key word(s) first, forming unique labels.
Switch with label that says 'Do you want to receive email notifications from us?'
Don't overload the switch label with too much content
Switch with label that says 'Prefers reduced motion'.
Do use the switch component for preferences, settings, or other immediate functions.
Switch with label that says 'Show in stock stores first'
Don't use the switch component for filtering or sorting content.


# Props






Id for the CdrSwitch element. Required for accessibility.

# Slots

Find more information about using Slots in the article Installing Cedar.



Slot for CdrSwitch label.

# Events





$emit event fired when the switch is toggled.