Pull Quote

Short excerpt taken from the main body of text to give a dominant position


Default pull quote can be used with the following HTML tags: <p>, <div>, <aside>. For XS breakpoint, a border is below pull quote and font size is smaller.

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To ensure that usage of this component complies with accessibility guidelines:

  • All recommendations listed for Paragraphs component apply to this component
  • Do not use this component to indent text. Screen readers use the <blockquote> element to:
    • Provide semantic understanding of page content by announcing blockquote as quote
    • Define a sectioning root in HTML5, which means that any <h1> - <h6> elements it contains don’t become part of the document’s outline

This component has compliance with WCAG guidelines by:

  • Setting the aria-hidden="true" so the pull quote will not be conveyed to a screen reader