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Experience Principles

These principles are meant to give us a shared vocabulary for translating the brand into the digital experiences and products we create. Each principle can be used as a filter to make choices and inform the digital expression; from content and interface to micro-interactions and motion. They will help us remain focused on the things that matter for our customers, are differentiating for REI, and result in experiences that help people do the things they love.

# Inspiring

Unexpected / Emotive / Engaging / Empowering

We believe it’s in the outdoors that we find our best selves. Our digital products are tethered to that belief—a place our users come to dream, be curious, scheme and plan.

We are a destination for discovery. To remind people to think “what if?”, encouraging exploration and rewarding curiosity. Storytelling is at the very center of everything we create: helping people find what they are looking for, and surprising and delighting them when they discover new, interesting things.

# Inclusive

Inviting / Accessible / Empathetic

The outdoors is the world’s largest level playing field—it is for all. We want everyone to benefit from being outside. We make it easy. The hardest part is actually walking outside to breathe more fresh air.

Our digital products are designed so that they can be accessed, understood, and used by all people regardless of their age, background, or ability. The diversity of our customers is reflected in the images, stories and language we use. Our experiences are intuitive, inspiring to explore, and easy to use and navigate.

# Human

Natural / Personal / Fresh / Real

Imagine reaching out to a trusted friend for advice or recommendations on getting outside. You don’t hesitate or give it a second thought; you have a rapport. It’s a safe and comfortable interaction, personal and familiar.

Our digital experiences feel approachable and genuine, not sterile or institutional. There are real people behind the screens, the gear, and the content. We use the same conversational language and tone on our website that we use in person. Our experiences move and behave in an organic way.

# Purposeful

Deliberate / Focused / Relevant / Supportive

Our experiences solve real customer problems. We develop tools and features that enhance the customer experience and provide help along the way, and deliver our offerings in a relevant and meaningful way.

We make it easy for all customers. The experience is consistent, predictable, and responsive to customer inputs. Its organization, hierarchy, and navigation is intuitive—customers always know where they are, where they can go, and how they can get back. Customer actions are clear and outcomes are purposeful.

# Trustworthy

Authoritative / Purposeful / Confident

For 80 years we’ve stood behind our gear. We’ve become famous not just for our quality but also our service and expertise. Our customers have come to trust the knowledge of a green vest just as they trust the ice axe in their hand.

We work to earn the same trust in our digital experiences through our continual drive for quality and consistency and reliability across the digital ecosystem. Our expertise is expressed in an approachable way but backed by an unrelenting drive to nurture a love of the outdoors in every customer.