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Fall 2020 Release

# Update Steps

  • Update to the latest version of the Cedar packages:
package name version
@rei/cedar ^7.x.x
@rei/cdr-tokens ^7.x.x
@rei/cdr-component-variables ^5.x.x
  • If your project depends on any shared component packages (i.e, FEDPACK, FEDCOMP, FEDPAGES), you will want to update those packages to the new version of Cedar before updating your micro-site.

# 7.1.2

# Bug Fixes

  • CdrModal has been updated to better handle scrolling on iOS Safari

# 7.1.1

# Bug Fixes

  • CdrBreadcrumb truncation logic has been updated to better handle screen readers
  • CdrButton has been updated to apply an animation to the fill color on state changes
  • CdrRadio and CdrCheckbox no longer duplicate HTML attributes when rendered in SSR
  • CdrPopover and CdrTooltip now render properly when used in the info-action slot of CdrInput or CdrSelect
  • CdrModal has been updated to improve it's open and close animations

# 7.1.0

# CdrModal Override Slot

We added a new slot to CdrModal called modal which overrides the entire modal dialog box including the title and close button.

# CdrModal Re-Open Fix

We resolved a bug where re-opening a CdrModal immediately after closing can result in blank content.

# New Features

# CdrTooltip and CdrPopover Components

CdrTooltip and CdrPopover are both components that accepts a trigger element and content. CdrTooltip renders it's content whenever the trigger element is hovered or focused, and CdrPopover renders it's content whenever it's trigger element is clicked. See the CdrTooltip page and CdrPopover page for more information.

# Form Updates

# CdrSelect

  • New error prop and slot added to enable validation.
  • New info-action slot for rendering an icon outside and to the right of the input.
  • Updated required state to render as an asterisk *.
  • New optional state added.
  • New background prop added to adjust input styling depending on the background it is rendered on.

# CdrInput

  • New error prop and slot added to enable validation.
  • New info-action slot for rendering an icon outside and to the right of the input.
  • Updated required state to render as an asterisk *.
  • New optional state added.
  • New background prop added to adjust input styling depending on the background it is rendered on.
  • New helper-text-top slot added to render helper text above the input. We have also renamed the helper-text slot to be helper-text-bottom.
  • New cdr-input__button utility class has been added for styling icon buttons that are used inside of the post-icon slot.

# CdrRadio / CdrCheckbox

  • Spacing and interaction logic has been updated.
  • New background prop added to adjust input styling depending on the background it is rendered on.

# CdrFormGroup

  • New error prop and slot added to enable validation of checkbox and radio groups.
  • New optional and required states added.

# Font Performance Update

Cedar worked with the Performance team to optimize the cdr-fonts.css file. The fonts must be loaded on every page so this should improve performance across REI. Micro-sites can also opt in to a cached version of this file by loading the @rei/fonts (opens new window) package rather than importing the cdr-fonts.css file directly from Cedar.

# Documentation Updates

  • The component variables page has been updated to include examples of mixin usage for all supported components.
  • Cedar components that support component variables now note that on their pages.
  • The github pages doc sites for @rei/cdr-component-variables and @rei/cdr-tokens have been deleted and now redirect to the equivalent pages on this site.
  • A new page tracking deprecated deatures has been created to more easily track down breaking updates to Cedar.

# Deprecations

# CdrInput Helper Text Slot

The helper-text slot in CdrInput has been deprecated and replaced with an identical helper-text-bottom slot. This was done to be consistent with the new helper-text-top slot.

# CdrText and Space Utilities

In order to align with performance goals, we are working on a long-term deprecation of the CdrText modifier property and the space utility classes. Both of these features require loading a large CSS asset even if you are only using a handful of the type or space options. Instead, you should begin using the Cedar Design Tokens to apply the same styles using a custom CSS class. Projects that are currently using these features should instead use the design tokens for any new work, and incrementally migrate their existing usage when possible.

Example CdrText modifier update:

<cdr-text modifier="body-300">Old</cdr-text>

<cdr-text class="your-custom-type-class">New</cdr-text>
.your-custom-type-class {
  @include cdr-text-body-300;

Example Space utility update:

<div class="cdr-mb-space-one-x">old</div>

<div class="your-custom-space-class">new</div>
.your-custom-space-class {
  margin-bottom: $cdr-space-one-x

# Breaking Changes

# Component Variables

  • We have created a new Component Variables examples page with more information on how to use @rei/cdr-component-variables.
  • We have added primary and secondary mixins for input, select, radio, and checkbox to control how they render on different background colors.
  • We have refactored how the form labels work inside Cedar to reduce duplication. Styles for CdrRadio and CdrCheckbox can now be found in the CdrLabelWrapper mixins, while styles for CdrInput and CdrSelect can now be found in the CdrLabelStandalone mixins. The form-label.vars.scss file has been removed. See the chart below for information on re-mapping those mixins.
Old Mixin New Mixin
cdr-input-base-label-mixin cdr-label-standalone-label-mixin
cdr-input-required-label-mixin cdr-label-standalone-label-mixin
cdr-input-info-container-mixin cdr-label-standalone-info-mixin
cdr-input-helper-text-mixin cdr-label-standalone-helper-mixin
cdr-input-base-label-disabled-mixin cdr-label-standalone-disabled-mixin
cdr-select-base-label-mixin cdr-label-standalone-label-mixin
cdr-select-base-label-disabled-mixin cdr-label-standalone-disabled-mixin
cdr-select-required-label-mixin cdr-label-standalone-label-mixin
cdr-select-info-container-mixin cdr-label-standalone-info-mixin
cdr-select-helper-text-mixin cdr-label-standalone-helper-mixin
cdr-label-base-mixin cdr-label-wrapper-base-mixin, cdr-label-wrapper-primary-mixin
cdr-label-disabled-mixin cdr-label-wrapper-disabled-mixin
cdr-label-small-mixin cdr-label-wrapper-small-mixin
cdr-label-large-mixin cdr-label-wrapper-large-mixin

# Removals

In accordance with our deprecation policy, features that were deprecated in the Spring 2020 release or prior have been removed from Cedar.

  • Color utility classes (cdr-bg--) have been removed. Use the cdr-color-background- format instead.
  • Generic tokens, mixins, and CdrText modifiers for cdr-text-utility-n00 have been removed. Use the cdr-text-utility-sans-n00 format instead.
  • Color tokens using lightmode or darkmode have beeen removed. See the spring release notes for more information on updating
  • CdrDataTable component has been removed. Use CdrTable or @rei/data-table (opens new window) instead.
  • The compact modifier for CdrCheckbox and CdrRadio has been removed. Use size="small" instead.
  • The tabChange event has been removed from CdrTabs. Use tab-change instead.
  • The label prop for CdrAccordion has been removed. Use the label slot instead.